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The Society owns the preserved steam locomotive 73082 "Camelot", which is based on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex (England).

The Locomotive is undergoing a ten year overhaul and the boiler is being repaired at LNWR Crewe. "We were very impressed with the quality of the work carried out so far" (Chairman's inspection report).


73082 Camelot is a British Railways Standard Class Five locomotive, which was built at Derby in 1955 and ran on the Southern Region of British Railways until 1966. After withdrawal, it was removed to Woodham Bros. scrapyard at Barry, near Cardiff. However, it was not scrapped and, along with many other withdrawn locomotives, remained in the yard, where its condition slowly deteriorated.

The Society was founded in 1974 to purchase and restore Camelot. The locomotive was purchased in 1979, and, later in the same year, was taken to the Bluebell Railway.

After many years of fund raising and restoration effort, 73082 Camelot returned to steam in 1995, and was in regular service on the railway for nearly ten years. During this time, the Society worked to raise the money to pay for the next major overhaul. Fund raising was done through the Society's retail Sales Stand and Mail Order operation, and by the sale of shares in 73082 Camelot to Society Members

The Locomotive was withdrawn for a general overhaul in June, 2005, and is due to return to work by 2010 or 2011.

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